About Us


Established in 1998, Sports Sciences Research Institute of Iran (SSRII) is the only national institute which typically focuses on  scientific research in the field of Physical Education and Sports Sciences in the country. Through a series of initiatives, SSRII attempts to conduct and disseminate research, educate and train executives, and function as a think tank and informational resource for those involved in the sport sciences.
The Institute draws together highly qualified professionals and top university professors in the country and offers a wide variety of professional services to a variety of sporting fraternities and organizations. Additionally, the SSRII is involved in training PhD. students studying Sports Physiology and Sports Management.
At SSRII we are working on a wide range of research projects in different aspects of sport fields including sports physiology, motor behavior, sports management, sports medicine, etc. Our research teams go out of their way to carry out and conduct the most accurate quantitative research possible.
  • SSRII's vision is to produce high-quality and ethical research in physical education and sport sciences in national as well as international level.
  • Policy making in physical education research for universities and sport organizations.
  • Conducting applied developmental and fundamental research projects.
  • Providing necessary facilities for research activities.
  • Planning for the development of research activities in universities and organizations associated with sport, sport federations and clubs.
  • Implementation of fundamental research to produce knowledge.
  • Providing guidelines to policymakers and administrators of sport sciences fields.
  • Developing and investigating human resources to its fullestextent so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders who can emerge in a range of Sport sciences professions.