Abstract of Research Project

پژوهشکده ها

Assessment of Foot Biomechanics Center
Researchers have found that foot joints have to bear forces about twice the body's weight at every walking step. If these forces are not applied across the optimal line, one would face trouble in walking. These problems affect walking, body shape, and even posture. This change in gait mechanism can cause a pain in the ankle, heel, foot and knee and in some cases may lead to back pain. However, biomechanical evaluation of the wrist and feet and also analyzing the distribution of forces exerted from the ground to the legs and body is of great importance.
Advantages of this method
Using this method, one can easily analyze the data obtained from device software, and biomechanical calculations related to feet curves can be conducted quickly. In this new method, feet curves are measured and compared before and after applying the insole in order to solve the technical problems, if needed. Another advantage of this design encompasses the dynamic system of foot scan. This system is located into a treadmill. That is what makes it more reliable, because it resembles actual conditions in real world.
SSRI Assessment of Foot Biomechanics Center, designing and manufacturing insoles is ready to provide services regarding following areas:
  • Specialized assessment of anatomical structure of feet and musculoskeletal abnormalities
  • Checking the status of transverse and longitudinal arches of the foot
  • Point-to-point measurement and evaluation of foot structure
  • Biomechanical assessment of foot deformities and muscle tension lines
  • designing and manufacturing insoles tailored to each individual unique characteristics
  • Consultation regarding the use of insoles
Service delivery process
  • Appointment
  • Initial evaluation of arches of the foot
  • Biomechanical evaluation of foot structure
  • Providing and assessing plantar pressure distribution map
  • Manufacturing and reassessing insoles
  • Final payment