Name: Reza   
Family name: Gharakhanlou
Date of Birth: April /11/1958
Place of Birth: Tehran
Citizenship: Iranian
Mailing Address: Tarbiat Modares University-P.O.BOX 14155-4838 Tehran , Iran
Phone and Fax (office): (+9821) (82884646)
Academic Qualifications:
1986: B.A in PE & Sports Sciences. Tarbiat Moallem University.Tehran- IRAN
1992: M.A in PE & sports Sciences. Tarbiat Modares University. Tehran- IRAN
1998: Ph.D in Exercise Physiology. Montreal University- Canada.
Employment Record:
Associate professor of Tarbiat Modares University (since 1987).
Administrative Experiences:
1)         1986-1989: Chief of Trainer Academy of Iranian Physical Education Organization.
2)         1989-1991: Deputy in Department of Physical Education in Tarbiat Modares University.
3)         1991-1992: President of Iranian University Sport Organization.
4)         1999-2002: Head of IRAN Sport Science Research Center, Ministry of Higher Education.
5)         2000-2004: Deputy of vice president of Islamic Republic of IRAN and president of IRAN physical Education Organization.
6)         2004-2008: Head of IRAN National Olympic Committee.
7)         2008-2009: Congress Commission Director, Olympic Council of Asia.
8)         2000-2004: Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education, I.R. IRAN.
9)         2002-2004: Vice president of ASPES.
10)     2001-2005: Vice president of IRAN sport science association.
11)     2002-2006: Head of planninig committee for sport science Faculties, Ministery of Higher education.
12)     2005-2008: President of Regional Anti-Doping Organization of Central Asia (RADOCA)
13)     Since 2013:Head of Strategic Studies Committee, Iran Soccer Federation
14)     Since 2013: Head of Iran Sport Science Research Institute, Ministry of Higher Education.
Some Researches:
1)      The effects of Exercise Training on the content, axonal transport, and release of CGRP in rats.
2)      The effect of vitamin E and C supplementation on the immune response in trained men.
3)      The effect of a sub maximal swimming program on plasma ANP concentration and its relationships with blood pressure variations of Essential Hypertension in middle-age men.
4)      The effects of aerobic training on plasma APOA-1, APOB, LDL size, in the adult men.
5)      Effect of resistance training and creatine supplementation on serum levels of Myostatin and GASP-1
6)      Effect of Choline supplementation on endurance performance and muscular responses of leg muscles in trained cyclists.
7)      Effects of selected aerobic exercises on the serum paraoxonase (PON1) activity, and Lipid profile in sedentary healthy men.
8)      Effects of Endurance, Resistance and concurrent training on CGRP content and mRNA expression of CGRP receptor’s Accessory proteins in Fast twitch and slow twitch Muscles of Wistar rats.
Publications (Articles):
2.      The effect of a sub maximal swimming Program on Plasma ANP concentration, and its Relationships with Essential Hypertension in Middle-age Males. World Applied Sciences Journal (WASJ). 5(4):455-459, 2008
3.      The effects of aerobic exercises on the serum oxidized LDL and total antioxidant capacity in non-active men. CVD prevention and control,(2008), Vol.3, pp 77-82
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19. Exercise-Induced changes of MCT1 in cardiac and skeletal muscles of diabetic rats induced by high-fat diet and STZ. J. Physiolo. Biochem. (2013)
1)      I have Translated following English books to Persian, titled as:
1-1- Home Treatment in injury and osteoarthritis and….-by: W.T. Tucker.
1-2- Sport injuries, their prevention and treatment –by: Peterson and Renestrom.
1-3- Exercise and intracellular regulation of cardiac and skeletal muscle-by M.I. Kalinski et,al.
1-4- Hand book of physiology: Muscular adaptation to exercise-by. Loring B. Rowell and J.T. Shepherd
1-5- Neuromuscular aspects of physical activity -by. P.E Gardiner
1-6- Overtraining in sports-by: R. B. Kreider et. al.
1-7- Successful Coaching- by: Rainer Martens.
1-8- Elite sport development, policy learning and political priorities- by Mick Green and Barrie Houlihan.
2) I have compiled four books titled as followings:
1. Foundations of Physical Education.
2. Therapeutic and corrective Exercises.
3. Basic concepts in Aerobic Fitness.
4. Basic concepts in Anaerobic Fitness. 
-Neuromuscular Adaptations to Exercise Training
-Fatigue and Physical Activity
-Exercise Physiology
                                                                                                        -Plasticity of CNS