Abstract of Research Project

President's Division

Public relations

As a database, smart network, and mastermind of the organization, Public Relations make a strong connection with the public opinion. Seeking help from the knowledge and techniques of effective communication and by using new communication tools such as Internet, graphics programs, sending messages and emails, Public Relations have effectively carried out it's basic duty regarding various internal and external communications to inform others about the missions of Sport Sciences Research Institute (SSRI).
Main duties:
·        Communication between the President of the Institute and their respective units
·        Accomplishment of administrative affairs of the Board of Trustees, Board of Distinguishing & related Councils and Commission authorities and notifying them of the relevant legislation
·        Sending confidential letters to managements and organizations and various units & record keeping and filing confidential letters
·        Cooperation in updating information at SSRI website
·        Gathering information and providing people with scientific-research news and also making them acquainted with the way SSRI different units work
·        Photographing and filming in congresses, interviews, festivals and other gatherings and keeping their records
·        Gathering data and publishing statistics about subjects issued, using public media and communicating with other parties and making reports, if needed
·        Studying and investigating principles of publication plans and preparation of journal advertisements, internal bulletins and brochures
·        Accomplishment of requirements in holding conferences and congresses for press interviews
·        Running all press affairs in the organization
·        Staying in touch with the ministries and institutions, government agencies and other centers to coordinate and set up programs to inform the public
·        Surveying public opinion and people's thoughts and using it in programs, publications and information policy evaluation