Abstract of Research Project

پژوهشکده ها

Specialized center of Health and Physical Activity
With the growing development of sciences, it has been shown that operational actions as supplement strategies have been taken to improve the quality of life. According to leading scientists in different fields, both scientific research and its application in human society will effectively and mutually develop the two of them.
The field of human sciences in Iran, as a developing country, requires much more attention because it is directly related to human life and social/public health. Factors directly affecting the quality of life in a community and consequently influencing people's performance in daily affairs include their physical, psychological and social health. Considering the modern lifestyle that has affected most of the societies, the level of physical activity has fallen sharply and we are witnessing very rapid spread of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, mental disorders, etc. in our society. Following the message 'prevention is better than cure' authorities in charge have to take prompt actions in order to prevent the prevalence of these diseases.
As mentioned above, inactivity is the source of all diseases. Since the entire family of physical education is responsible for the creation of mobility with specialized principles, providing operational solutions to solve these problems is one of the most important parts which require much attention.
Organizations related to Physical Education that are in charge of implementing operational projects have to take effective steps to improve the quality of life in the society, among which the National Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science has the top priority because this organization has both facilities and expertise at its disposal.
Health monitoring committee's objectives
Goals, plans and activities of health monitoring committee generally include three parts: research, education-promotion, and advice
Investigating the quality of life in various communities in terms of health, nutritional health, age, gender, employment, etc...
Preparing health and safety standards as well as providing local nutritional standard appropriate for proper evaluation of Iranian people in terms of quality of life
Preparation of native, standard criteria for Iranian society in accordance with special needs of different age, gender and occupational groups
Education -promotion
Holding training courses to introduce principles of proper preservation and development of health/nutrition
Holding training courses to introduce scientific principles of physical activity and proper way of doing exercise
Holding training courses to present posture-skeletal malformations and the role of daily wrong habits in creating them, and finally introducing corrective exercises for each of them
Holding training courses in order to introduce optimal conditions of physical activity and familiarity with standard equipment
Holding specialized training courses on 'principles of proper training' for specific groups (age, gender, occupation, patients, athletes, etc.)
Providing specialist advice and preparation of training and dietary programs in order to maintain and improve public physical health proportional to the needs of specific groups (age, gender, occupation, patients, athletes, etc.)
Providing specialist advice and special training programs for prevention, recovery and elimination of physical abnormalities
Weight loss/gain, using scientific and standard methods
Physical activity and exercise specific for metabolic and chronic disorders (Diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer)
Physical activity for certain age groups (Children, adolescents, elderly)
Sports nutrition and diet with the aim of wellbeing
Physical and psychosocial capabilities assessment in children and directing sport talents
Evaluating postural abnormalities and providing corrective exercises
Specialized Evaluation of athletes physical abilities
Implementation of health monitoring projects in organizations