Technology & Commercialization

Nowadays, investing in research and creating technology and finally contributing to the economic growth of society is one of the major concerns in our country. The pursuit of national objectives of the SSRI requires extensive efforts, structural changes, re-engineering of existing systems and utilizing the results of research & technology with the creation of a dynamic public-private partnership.
Scientific and technical capacity is the most significant index of development in all countries. Meanwhile, the central and structural role of biotechnology in sustainable national development of every community is undeniable. Therefore, putting more emphasize on fundamental and developmental research, training experts, and creation of necessary technical knowledge in order to offer scientific, technical and industrial services is one of the main objectives of National Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences.
With the aim of using new technologies in the field of sports, the Department of Technology, in line with specified objectives of the SSRI, plays its role in providing scientific achievements (Products & Services). By regulating and organizing the technology and innovation system in sports industry and by providing a technology-based structure through implementation of technology in major units as well as monitoring the process, this Department aims to achieve its objectives.  This role will be accomplished through institutionalization and coordination of policymaking council by strategic supervision on research and technology in the sports industry and specialized workgroup, leading to an improvement in the quality and effectiveness of research and technology.
Some activities of technology department of SSRI are as follow:
The first national center for innovation in sports technologies in Iran
After a success with hosting the first Ideas market event in sports technology and equipment and the extensive appreciation of the inventors and innovators of Iran’s sports technology field, the sports sciences research institute did some consultations with the vice-presidency of science and technology to run this center and got a 185,000$ support (in form of an agreement). Our institute as the major sports sciences authority in country is launching the first national center for innovation in sports technologies in Iran and in the first step supported the 4 best ideas including designing a artificial running claw for the disabled, Boating simulator, Lower-body rehabilitation smart robot and a device for measuring athletes’ speed, displacement and heart rate with 26,000$.
  • Designing and producing sportswear using Nano Technology
Around 4 million Dollars sportswear is imported into the country annually and the main reason for their popularity is the difference in quality
   Promoting Nano technology in the production of clothing and sportswear could turn into a multi-billion-dollar industry
Using Nano technology in producing sportswear other than its obvious advantages could in the long-run have other additional benefits such as huge economic savings in water resources and detergent usage and prevention of skin diseases and infections caused by dirty and low quality clothes and etc.
  • Launching a center for performing quality control tests on sport mats in Iran
The necessity of the Project:
  • Wasteful imports of sports mats in the country, the importance of domestic production and lack of a lab which could do all the tests in Iran so we could make sure of the sound engineering of the products.
Comprising Units:
  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • Construction and Production
  • Standardization and Quality Control
  • Computerized Modeling
  • Industry linkage
  • Designing and manufacturing smart training tools for sports
Exercise planning for professional athletes
Enhancing athletes’ skills and tactics
Enhancing the analysis of the athletes
      by the trainers
  • Designing and manufacturing exercise simulators
Facilitating and securing the learning process of dangerous sports (Rock climbing, Cycling, Skiing, etc.)
  • Iran computer and video games foundation
Researchers have found that foot joints have to bear forces about twice the body's weight at every walking step. If these forces are not applied across the optimal line, one would face trouble in walking. These problems affect walking, body shape, and even posture. This change in gait mechanism can cause a pain in the ankle, heel, foot and knee and in some cases may lead to back pain. However, biomechanical evaluation of the wrist and feet and also analyzing the distribution of forces exerted from the ground to the legs and body is of great importance.
Advantages of this method:
Using this method, one can easily analyze the data obtained from device software, and biomechanical calculations related to feet curves can be conducted quickly. In this new method, feet curves are measured and compared before and after applying the insole in order to solve the technical problems, if needed. Another advantage of this design encompasses the dynamic system of foot scan. This system is located into a treadmill. That is what makes it more reliable, because it resembles actual conditions in real world.
SSRI Assessment of Foot Biomechanics Center, designing and manufacturing insoles is ready to provide services regarding following areas:
·     Specialized assessment of anatomical structure of feet and musculoskeletal abnormalities
·        Checking the status of transverse and longitudinal arches of the foot
·        Point-to-point measurement and evaluation of foot structure
·        Biomechanical assessment of foot deformities and muscle tension lines
·        designing and manufacturing insoles tailored to each individual unique characteristics
·        Consultation regarding the use of insoles MOUs
The main accomplishments and achievements as a result of signing MOUs are as follow:
  • Recording the first ever national standard for floor surfaces of gyms and sport halls under the name “flooring surfaces for sport venues:  flooring surface for multifunction gyms” with the national ID 16846 in the Iranian National Standards Organization
  • Holding several mutual scientific, research and educational conferences and seminars
  • Equipping and implementing the products approved by the Sports Sciences Research Institute
  • Holding general and specialized workshops
  • Holding necessary long-term and short-term scientific, research and educational courses
  • Directing higher education thesis and researches towards research titles that are necessary and essential for the society
  • Collaborating in terms of writing, translating and publishing scientific books and journals
  • Mutually sharing sport and service facilities, libraries, laboratories, specialized equipment and etc.
  • Exchanging faculty members.